PoustEx PoustEx


PoustEx is a young mailman robot full of energy, that goes far beyond its programming to understand the human feelings. With too much speed and exciting performances he uses all his will to ensure that your shipments reach the best of your recipients.

Alfred Alfred


Alfred is a visionary! Not that he's a great inventor, but he is able to see the potential of what no one realizes. It was he who power on PoustEx on the first time, thus becoming his best friend.

Sophie Sophie


Sophie is creative and ingenious, despite her apparent sweetness not need to think twice to get her hands dirty and get dirty grease if necessary. She is the constant encourager of PoustEx.

Ed Ed


Ed is a passionate sportsman, there is no bad time for him. He is innocent and a little polished, it's true, however this makes him comic and does he win the sympathy of all.



B.I.B. is a little gardener robot. Designed to take care of the environment, she loves plants and nature. She is delicate and everyone would love to have her around.